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Island Brac, the biggest island of the mid-Dalmatian collection of islands, is the 3rd largest by all of the Croatian islands. Brac island is split up from the continent by the Brac Channel, from the island of Solta by the commonly named "Splitska Vrata" and from the Island of Hvar by the Hvar Channel. Taking a walk is the best way to see the island. Compared to other islands in Croatia, it's fairly inexpensive to stay in Brac. As a result of its well-known beaches, like Zlatni Rat beach, the town of Bol is by far the most favorite spot and the priciest destination on the Island of Brac. On the island, there is a wide offer of quality private accommodation units, and a couple of excellent 4-star hotels. There's a growing selection of apartments and luxury villas on the Island of Brac, but high summer-season rates are growing too: visiting the Island of Brac in high summer season will not yield any bargains. The most costly season is a five week period beginning around mid-July and ending at the end of August. June and September are less, April, May and October are really affordable and the rest of the year is a real bargain. Private accommodation is a most affordable option with prices as low as $15 per person.

Symbolic representation of the island is Zlatni rat in Bol, on the island's southern coast - one of the very most stunning beaches in the whole Dalmatia. If you are looking for holiday apartments close to the Zlatni Rat beach click here.The biggest settlements on the island are Supetar and Pucisca. Primary harvesting products are olive oil and wine, main occupations include also livestock breeding and fishing. Island of Brac highest peak, Mount St. Vid, rises at 778 m, making it the greatest island point in the Adriatic.

Generally, there is no surface water flows on the island. Constant water sources are provided only around the town of Bol. More elevated area of the island are at some places covered with dark and Aleppo pine woodlands; bigger or smaller woods of Aleppo pine are located around all seaside towns and settlements; predominant is thick evergreen boscage and rocky ground.

Best Time to Visit Brac

Brac is best enjoyed in early spring months, and June and September are the ideal months for strolling and trekking. The island accommodates a prominent festival of grapes and wine, Varenik Days in late September, including traditional meals. The Island of Brac is symbolized by convenient climate, moderate, mainly wet winters and dry, warm and bright summers months. Local and periodic winds also help preserve the favorable environment. Local wind from the west makes life much easier in heated summer periods (especially in July and August) and makes the island of Brac a haven for surfers.

The top season runs from mid-July through August, which is when the majority of visitors take their summer vacations. Each thing is in full speed: resorts and hotels, cocktail bars, taverns and dance clubs are buzzing, water sports centers are working daily, and you'll find open-air performances and movie theater in the larger places. On the disadvantage, apartment and room rates rise high, so advanced reservations are advised. Beaches and sailing ports are crowded, and midday temperature levels exceed 30C.

What to see on the Island of Brac

There are numerous attractions on the Island Brac. Advise to visit Dragon's cave close to small town Murvica on the southern side of Brac island. Abbey of Blaca, that can be accessed from Vidova gora mountain or from the Blaca beach. Vidova gora is the highest peak of all Adriatic islands. It has a fantastic view to the Zlatni rat beach, islands Hvar and Vis and the town of Bol. Dominican cloister in Bol has an exceptional collection ancient items, amphoras, and numismatic compilation.

Walking trails

  • Vidova Gora from Bol: a modest 8 km hike from the beach to the summit. The path leads via Veliko Kostilo and provides little shade.
  • Blaca from Vidova Gora, full day's outing which combines strolling with a boat journey. Blaca, the Unesco-listed abbey, is one of Brac's finest ancient sites.
  • Zmajeva Spilja from Bol, a gentle 4 km walk via deserted stone residences at Stipancici to the Dragon's Cave, with its stone carvings of religious imagery. The walk finishes in the village of Murvica.

How to get there

Brac is adequately linked to the continent by ferryboat lines from Split and Makarska. Ferryboat harbors on the island are situated in towns of Sumartin and Supetar. During the course of the summer season, ferryboats on the line Split - Supetar drive throughout the day practically each hour, and the ride takes just 50 mins. Ferryboat line between Makarska and Sumartin is somewhat shorter and less expensive, suggested for visitors who aim to spend vacations on the eastern coast of the Brac island. There is an airport on Brac, situated 14 km from Bol. It is open only during the summer months. Island's main road leading from Supetar reach out to nearly all parts of the island.

Average accommodation prices

Adventures on Brac island

  • Scuba dive: Brac is the home of some outstanding scuba diving, particularly due to the fact that the island receives such little bit of rain, making for very clear visibility. One fantastic spot is Lucica Cave, situated in the greatest cove on the island on Brac's southeast shore. The entryway to the cave is near the exit of the cove, about 3 meters undersea.
  • Rock climb in the Lozisca region: In Brac, there more than hundred rock climbing paths of differing levels for tourists to delight in. The hiking area in Lozisca, a settlement in a basic stone valley, is the best location for novice and intermediary mountain climbers as a result of its range of available paths. You can reach the settlement quickly from the close-by towns of Sutivan and Supetar. Climbs in this region give visitors terrific views of the unique landscape as rolling mountains, green lowlands, and crystal clear sea can be seen at one time.
  • Sea kayak: The Island of Brac is a top-quality spot for sea kayaking for people of all levels, mainly due to its predictability in terms of winds and currents. It is likewise extremely secure, as despite where you are a beach is only 10 mins away by kayak.
  • Hike & Mountain bike: Rising at about 780m high is Vidova Gora, also called Vitus Mount. From the top, you will have the opportunity to experience a fantastic view of beaches, hill slopes, and a few of the Dalmatia Islands. The hike is composed of different terrain; at one point it may be stony and steep while at other times the path is low and sandy. One of the most preferred hikes on the island is from Vidova Gore to Blaca Hermitage. It is also trendy to mountain bike down the peak, which features an exciting way to catch sight of the landscapes.

Brac has been quite forgotten as a vacation spot and our company believes this is just one of the main reasons you'll find it so memorable. Because the island is so close to the continent and even has its own airport terminal it's probably easy to undervalue how separated a few of its places are. We encourage you to investigate this special island that provides everything one needs for a memorable vacation in a pristine natural environment. Brac island traditional heritage and an important folk culture offer an ideal environment for a holiday loaded with memorable experiences. On the island, there is a large offer of high-quality accommodation services and here we highly recommend these Brac apartments and villas for rent. To make the entire procedure much more uncomplicated, there is a good way to book apartments on the island of Brac via the net, making it easy for the travelers to quickly and simply search through thousands of accommodation facilities all over Brac, along with their pictures and detailed descriptions.

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